Tips for Writing Nonprofit Grants

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There are a few nonprofit grant writing tips that you should be familiar with in order to effectively present your request for funding to organizations:

1. Present Your Organization to a Specific Audience

It is always best to market your organization to grant makers who are line with the specific objectives of your organization.

For example, if your nonprofit agency focuses on providing rehabilitation for homeless women, you should present your grant application to organizations that are geared towards rehabilitation, homelessness and women. It is very important that the goals of your nonprofit are in sync with the mission of the grant maker.

2. Market Your Organization

Grant makers are very aware that nonprofits need money.

They want to know how an organization is going to utilize the grants in order to support a mission or goal. It is up to you, as the grant writer, to explain the current position of your organization and how the money will be used to see such goals and aspirations to fruition.

You are writing a request for money but you are also selling the purpose of your nonprofit organization.

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3. Make Sure You Have a Plan

Grant writing is more than simply filling out applications for a request for funds to support your nonprofit. The proposal that you present should be a detailed plan of how your organization will use the money in order to achieve certain objectives.

Detailing your intentions for the money can put you ahead of others that are simply submitting a grant proposal as if they are submitting an application.

Your plan should be short and to the point.

It does not have to include a lot of details. It should be clear and understandable.

Reviewers also like to know about the sustainability of the project. They want to know how you will continue after their funding is gone. As many as 90% of the decisions are made after reading the cover letter and the proposal summary. These two pages need to be strong, concise and stand out from other proposals.

4. Complete the Grant Application Thoroughly

It is extremely important that you complete the grant application as thoroughly as possible.

All grant applications are different and you should take the time to familiarize yourself with application to ensure that it is completed correctly.

For more useful tips, please see the Nonprofit Grant Writing Tools, published by Nonprofit Guides

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