Grant Writing Services

Derigo,LLC can help you in dramatically increase your revenues through creative fund raising. There are more nonprofits than ever before serving in any given community.

The reality of this fact is that these nonprofits are competing for the limited financial dollars available in the community.  

In addition to creative fundraising by nonprofits, there needs to be a full diversification of financial support received by the nonprofit. This simply means that the nonprofit cannot depend upon one stream of income to accomplish their mission statement.

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Fundraising by nonprofits should include these basic sources of financial support:

  • Grant writing;derigo_llc_consulting_image_grant_writing
  • Major gifts;
  • Support from companies and corporations;
  • Mail solicitation;
  • Gifts-in-kind; and
  • Special events.

Grant writing requires skill and professional experience in order to ensure the targeted funding foundation is a good fit. Moreover, the competition regarding grants for nonprofits is intense!

Your nonprofit’s grant application must stand out. Here at Derigo, LLC, our professional grant writers have access to tens of thousands of grant giving organizations – allowing you to access billions of dollars from charities nationwide.

We are experts in what we do.  Let us help you in properly setting up your fundraising strategies!  

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